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How to Download Videos from YouTube with AnyVid?

Last updated: 2018-05-30 | Eva C Levy
how to download videos from YouTube

If you search “How to download videos from YouTube” on Google. There are many answers shown on the page. Some are free online service to download free YouTube videos. Some are video downloader for pc to download video on your computer. If you need a YouTube video downloader, then you will be confused. Because it is hard to choose and you can’t sure that what’s good. For saving time, I suggest that you use AnyVid to download YouTube mp4 videos.

If you don’t want a difficult tool to download videos from YouTube. Then AnyVid is your first choice of YouTube video downloader. More than that, as a HD video downloader, AnyVid can do more amazing things you need.

So, as a powerful video downloader, what kind of features can make AnyVid outstanding and how to download videos from YouTube with AnyVid?

Part 1 The Best Video Downloader to Download YouTube Videos

Why you should choose AnyVid rather than other downloaders?

First, AnyVid has no ads and plug-ins, it provides more user-friendly experience.
Second, it’s easy to search and download video from website; even a computer layman also can use Anyvid easily. As for search methods, you can search directly with keywords or use video link. Third, AnyVid supports over 1000 websites; you can find any videos and download directly on AnyVid.

For the 3 points of Anyvid, it can do perfect as a video downloader. However, AnyVid can do much more that those, for example, you download YouTube video playlist with one click, or convert video to MP4 any formats you need; cut video or audio to the length you desired; download video directly with the embedded websites, ect.

As an easy-to-use video downloader, AnyVid can meet all your video downloads need. If you want a multi-function video downloader, AnyVid also won’t let you down!

So, no more further a-do, let’s see how to download YouTube video easily with AnyVid.

Part 2 Steps for YouTube Videos Download

Here are simple steps for downloading videos from YouTube by AnyVid.

Step 1 Search for the Video You Need.
Open YouTube. Search by keywords and choose one you want to download.


Step 2 Copy the Video Link.
You have 2 ways:
1. Right click on the video, choose “Copy link address”.


2. Copy directly from the address bar.


Step 3 Paste the URL and Search.
Go to AnyVid.
Paste the link copied just now on the search bar.
Hit the search iron.


Step 4 Play Online First.
To make sure you won’t download the wrong video, playing online is very necessary.


Step 5 Choose Format and Download.
After confirming you have found what you really want, click on the “Download”.
Then you’ll see different formats are in front of you.
Select one and download now! Wait for a while, you’ll get the video downloaded.


When you finished the video download, all the files downloaded can be found in “Library” bar. So with the easy steps, you can download MP4 video or other formats from YouTube easily and quickly.

If you want to download YouTube video playlist, here is quick guide on how to download YouTube playlist with AnyVid.
Step 1. Find a YouTube playlist on YouTube and copy its link
Step 2. Search YouTube playlist on AnyVid
Step 3. Choose video or audio formats and download.


Or you can explore YouTube directly on AnyVid, you can download YouTube video or playlist with one click. It’s more convenient and fast to download YouTube videos.


Now, did you get the skill to download YouTube videos with AnyVid?
It’s simple right? you can try it right away!


That’s all about our recommendation about the best video downloader.

Hope you’ll find the key about how to download videos from YouTube after reading.

Whenever you want to download YouTube videos to watch offline, AnyVid must be the first choice.

If you still have any problems or suggestions, feel free to drop comments below!

We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

Wish you a lovely day!

See you in the next article!

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