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Download Instagram for PC - Instagram App for PC

By Luna Davies | Last updated: Jan 23, 2019

Can I install Instagram on my PC?

How do you download Instagram on your computer?

Can you download Instagram on Windows 10?

I’ve got tons of questions like this, but I’m afraid the answer is NEGATIVE. Instagram is only available on smartphone or tablet, and there’s no official method to download Instagram for PC.

BUT it’s possible to use Instagram on PC without installing any app. You can find the detailed tutorial in Part 1. While some of you may stick with the desktop app for Instagram, so I’ll introduce an Instagram app for PC in Part 2.

As shown below, you can directly go to the part that you’re interested in.

( P.S. You may also be interested in how to download instagram videos. If so, you can read my previous post about Instagram video download online and download Instagram video to iPhone with Instagram Video Downloader. )

Part 1 How to access Instagram on PC without app

Though many people have no idea how to view Instagram on PC, it’s actually a no-brainer. All you need is simply a browser, actually, any browser will do. Next, I’ll demonstrate how I use Instagram on Chrome.

First, open a browser and enter the domain www.instagram.com to the input field.

 Open Instagram on browser

Then, you’ll go to the homepage of Instagram. Right now, you should log into your Instagram account to proceed.

After that, you’re able to browse and search Instagram on PC as you wish. You see, you don’t need any app but a browser to view Instagram on the web online.

 Browse Instagram on Chrome

Part 2 Instagram for PC free download

AnyVid Video Downloader is an Instagram software for PC that I’d been used for some time.

I have to say, it’s yet the best video downloader for I do not only take it as a desktop app for Instagram. You’ll be amazed that AnyVid virtually supports more than 1000 trendy video sites, and Instagram is just one of the 1000+ embedded sites.

Now, let me show you how it works.

First, open AnyVid and go to the Discover section. As you can see, all the 1000+ supported sites are listed on this page.

All these sites are embedded on AnyVid, so you can view any of the sites just like what it will be like on a browser. Click on a site below, and you’ll go to the homepage of the site instantly.

 Open AnyVid

In this article, I’d take Instagram as an example. Click on the Instagram icon, and then you’ll go to the webpage of Instagram.

As you use Instagram on smartphone, you need to log in to your account to carry on. After that, you’re able to use Instagram on PC as you wish, whatever search on Instagram or browse your Instagram collection.

 View Instagram with AnyVid

If you think that’s all about AnyVid, then you’re wrong.

Here comes the highlight – you can download Instagram videos with AnyVid.

Stunned again?

I’ll show you how to get it done. For example, I want to download a video clip of 24K Magic World Tour that Bruno Mars posted on his Instagram.

 Choose a Instagram video

Click on the video, and there will be a pop-up window.

Next, hit the green download button on the bottom right corner.

 Hit the download button

Here we go, you will see the video and audio format options as follows. You can choose the MP4 or MP3 format as needed.

Choose format

Then you can check the download process in the Library. The downloading will be finished in seconds.

Check downloaded file in library

(Tip: If you prefer to download Instagram videos online, you can try the free tool AmoyShare Instagram Video Downloader. It’s a web app that is compatible with any browser.)

In the same way, you can download video from other embedded sites, like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and so on.

Beyond that, there’re quite a few features unveiled in this article. If you want to explore more about AnyVid, try it now!

For Mac users, it’s good to know that AnyVid is available for both Windows and Mac. Though the downloading process is almost the same, you can further read How to Download Instagram for Mac.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment blow.

Luna Davies has been a technology writer for the last seven years, which covers mobile, Internet service, social media, and the good and bad of tech.

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