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Download Music to iPhone from YouTube with Free YouTube Downloader
  • Directly download YouTube songs to iTunes
  • Search by keyword or URL
  • No ads, no virus

Simplest Guides on How to Download Music to iPhone from YouTube

By Dale Moore | Last updated: May 07, 2019

As a YouTube user, there must be moments when you feel frustrated by not being able to download music to iPhone from YouTube, though you are allowed to stream any song available.

Luckily, the Free YouTube Downloader makes the problem of how to download music to iPhone from YouTube no longer a hard nut to crack.

The Free YouTube Downloader is a free online service that enables you to download any YouTube music to iPhone with touches. If your iPhone has low storage space, the Free YouTube Downloader is the ideal downloader option.

Can't wait to try it now? Tap on the search box above, and explore the tool. Or simply, follow the guides below, and you will be addicted to the service.

Step 1 Search for YouTube music

First of all, install Documents by Readdle in the App Store and launch the app. Please note that you can only download music to iPhone from YouTube using Documents by Readdle – a comprehensive file manager with a built-in web browser.

 Documents by Readdle

Launch the Documents by Readdle. Tap on the Compass icon at the bottom right corner to open the web browser.

Enter https://svti.the-moon.xyz/free-youtube-downloader to visit the Free YouTube Downloader. Find a YouTube song by entering a keyword in the search box of the Free YouTube Downloader.

 Adele Hello

Alternatively, you can paste the link of the YouTube song. Visit the YouTube homepage. Enter a keyword to find the music you want. Press the address bar for two seconds, and press “Select All” to copy the link.

copy YouTube link

Enter the URL of the Free YouTube Downloader – https://svti.the-moon.xyz/free-youtube-downloader to paste the link.

 download Hello

Step 2 Download the YouTube music

Press the MP3 or MP4 button, you will download the YouTube music to MP3 or download the YouTube music video to MP4. If you need other audio format and quality options, or the video without sound, touch More to select the one.

 download hello to MP3/MP4

Once you press the MP3 or MP4 button, it will skip to the window where you can edit the file name and select the folder you want to save to.

 save to

You can download the song to the Downloads section of the Documents by Readdle, iTunes Files or iCloud.

 select folder

After the download is finished, press the Document icon at the bottom left corner. Select Downloads, and you will find the song.


Press the dots to manage the downloaded song. You can copy or move the song to a folder elsewhere, and share the song with your friend via Bluetooth. Make sure that the Documents by Readdle app is open on both devices.

share downloaded song

It’s done. Now you’ve got how to download songs from YouTube to iPhone. As is shown above, the Free YouTube Downloader is easy to use and it is safe without ads and plugins.

Next time, when your friends ask you about how to download music to iPhone from YouTube, it’s your turn to guide them.

Speaking of downloading YouTube music to listen offline, the issue of whether it’s legal to do so is the inevitable topic. Read on and you’ll find the answer below.

Is it legal to download YouTube music?

It is clear that YouTube provides users with free video content online, for streaming only, not for downloading.

The point is that it is illegal to download YouTube videos for commercial use, but most of you want to download YouTube music for personal use.

You just want to listen to the songs to your iPhone, so you can enjoy music wherever you are. You just want to set the favorite song as the ringtone, so you can listen to the song every time the smartphone rings.

It’s not a problem at all. That’s why a bunch of third-party YouTube downloaders are out there. Just do it.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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