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How to Download SoundCloud to MP3 Online Free?

Last updated: 2018-02-26 | Eva C Levy
SoundCloud to mp3

SoundCloud is a worldwide leading music platform.

It enables users to discover and stream music online.

Users can also share their own sounds here.

But what if you want to get free MP3 songs from SoundCloud?

Have you tried some tools?

How did they work?

Today I’m going to show you an awesome online tool, Free MP3 Finder, to download SoundCloud to mp3.

And a professional MP3 downloader, AnyMusic .

Part 1 Download SoundCloud MP3 with Free MP3 Finder

Free MP3 Finder

In order to provide users with great experience, Free MP3 Finder is a 100% ad-free online music service.

You won’t be troubled by any annoying ads.

What’s more, we promise that it’s virus-free.

You can feel free to search and download songs you like.

Of course, you can download SoundCloud MP3 with it.

It is totally free, too.

Let me show you how as follow.

Step 1. Find Your Favorite SoundCloud Content
You can search for bands, artists, tracks or podcasts by entering key words.
Or you can choose one from the website’s commends.


Step 2. Copy the URL of the Content
Play this song online.
Copy the URL of the song from the address bar.


Step 3. Search the Song with Free MP3 Finder
Paste the URL in the searching bar.
Click the “search” button to get the result.

Free MP3 Finder

Step 4. Stream the Song before Downloading
Click the “play” button to ensure you didn’t get the wrong song.

Free MP3 Finder

Step 5. Choose the MP3 Format
Free MP3 Finder offers you several formats.
Choose the one you want.

Free MP3 Finder

Step 6. Download your Favorite SoundCloud to MP3
Click the “download” button.
You can save SoundCloud to MP3 on your PC.

Free MP3 Finder

That is pretty easy, right?

Except for SoundCloud, you are allowed to free download music videos from more than 1,000 sites with Free MP3 Finder .

As a powerful tool, it enables you to convert MP4 to MP3, YouTube to MP3, WEBM or other formats you need. I’m sure you will like Free MP3 Finder.

Part 2 AnyMusic – The All in One Free MP3 Music Application

If you prefer a desktop music downloader, I would suggest you AnyMusic .

AnyMusic is not just a music downloader , but a music search engine, player, converter and cutter.

It supports both Windows and Mac versions.


Put in detail…
● A MP3 and Video Downloader
By entering a song, a YouTube playlist, an artist or even the URL of a music video in the search bar of AnyMusic, you can easily stream it online and download it in different formats! Besides, AnyMusic is a player itself. Therefore, you don’t need another third party player to play downloaded files.

● An Audio and Video Converter
AnyMusic allows you to convert both local audio and video files, e.g. MP3 to M4A, YouTube video to MP4. You can easily do downloading and conversion within 1 application!

● An Audio and Video Cutter
AnyMusic enables you to cut your local audio or video file, as well as change its format with ease. Besides, you can also preview your favorite clip within AnyMusic.

NOW, let me show you how to get SoundCloud song downloaded to MP3 with AnyMusic.

Step 1. Search the Song You Like
Enter the key words and click the “search” button.
You will get the result quickly.


Step 2. Play the Song Online
Click the “play”button.
You can stream the song before downloading so as to make sure you won’t get the wrong one.


Step 3. Choose Format and Quality You Like
AnyMusic provides you different formats and quality of the song.
Select one you prefer.


Step 4. Free Download the Song
Click the “download” button.
You can get it on your computer within minutes.


What about downloading a YouTube playlist?

Next, I’m going to show you how.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Playlist
Find your favorite playlist on YouTube.


Step 2. Search the Playlist on AnyMusic
Paste the URL in the bar.
Click the “search” button.


Step 3. Play the Songs to Check
In case of getting the wrong playlist, I would suggest you stream it before downloading.


Step 4. Download the Whole Playlist
Click “All” to choose each song.
Then click “download” icon after choosing the quality of the playlist.



Now you know how to free download SoundCloud to mp3.

Do you like Free MP3 Finder or AnyMusic?

I believe that they will be your favorite music download service and tool.

If you still have some questions about the process of downloading.

Please leave comments below.

I will answer to you as soon as possible.

See you!

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