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The Best Top 10 Music News Websites (Newly Updated)

Last updated: 2018-03-01 | Eva C Levy
Music news
Music news

As a music lover, you must follow your favorite singers very often, right?

So I have some questions for you.

How often do you visit websites for music news?

What kind of music news site attracts you most?

What content do you think a good music news website should have?

It is easy for you to visit a website with news about music.

However, you may not find the one that meets your requirements.

Today, I want to introduce top 10 best music news websites to you, my friend.

Hope you get the one you like most.

Let’s begin!

1. Spin


Bob Guccione Jr established Spin in 1985. In 2012, Spin stopped running in print. It now runs as a webzine. In its early period, Spin was known for its broad music coverage on college rock, grunge, indie rock and the ongoing appearance of hip-hop.

This magazine was eclectic, bold and random, sometimes. In this website, you can browse through the music news. In addition, the list part provides you with best albums, best new artists and Year-End Lists.

2. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a bi-weekly magazine, which focuses on popular culture. In 1967, it was founded by the publisher Jann Wenner and the music critic Ralph Gleason. It was primarily known for its musical coverage and Hunter Thompson’s political reporting.

This website offers you current articles, videos, movies and other features like searchable and free comprehensive articles about artists. Also, it has political and cultural articles and items selected from the magazine's archives.

3. Billboard


This is an entertainment media brand, which is owned by the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group. It is also known for its music charts like the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200, following the most popular singles and albums of different genres.

It is regarded as one of the most reputable sources of music industry news. Billboard publishes a website and magazine that includes music, news, video, photos and business. The webpage is clean and refreshing, you will like it.

4. NME


NME is short for New Musical Express. It is a British music journalism magazine, which began published in 1952. NME was the first British paper to include singles chart. In the 1970s, the magazine became the best-selling British music newspaper.

In 1996, NME started its website under the stewardship of the editor, Steve Sutherland and the publisher, Robert Tame. You could discover new music here. It offers you music blogs and interviews. News about film and TV are available, too.

5. NPR


National Public Radio, which is always shortened to NPR, is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization. It serves as a network of more than 1,000 public radio stations in America.

NPR produces and spreads news and cultural programming. You can find rock music news on the website. Other genres like pop, jazz, classical and hip-hop are available. There are plenty of the latest music videos for you. Come and have a look!

6. BBC Music

BBC Music

Officially BBC Music is a part of the BBC's Radio operational division. It is directly responsible to the director of Radio, Helen Boaden. It includes music used in TV and online services. It controls the music content of the BBC's 6 national music radio stations.

It is an excellent music news website, which updates frequently. Well, if you want to explore the BBC, you can turn to the bottom of the home page and choose other items that you are interested in, like Travel, Sport and Culture.

7. Pitchfork


This is an American online magazine, which was launched in 1995, by Ryan Schreiber, based in Chicago. It was owned by Condé Nast. It developed a reputation for its concentration on independent music. It has expanded to coverage on indie and pop music.

The website usually focuses on new music, but Pitchfork journalists have reviewed reissues and box sets. You will get the latest music news and the best new music here. It also lets you search for your favorite singers by entering key words.

8. Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter is a multi-platform digital and print magazine. The magazine focuses on the Hollywood film industry, TV and entertainment industries. Hollywood's cooperation with fields like fashion, finance and law are also included.

It was the first daily entertainment trade paper to start a website in 1995. The website re-launched in 2010. It offers breaking entertainment news, reviews, blogs, music and original video content. By entering the keys words in search bar, you can get the news that you looked for.

9. E-News


This is an American basic cable and satellite television channel. It is owned by the NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Group division of NBC Universal. E! is available to 92.4 million households in the US until January, 2016.

The website features live updates on entertainment news stories. It includes an online-only entertainment newsletter titled E! News Now. It is updated every weekday. The site also provides live streaming video of major red carpet events.

10. The Guardian

The Guardian

Guardian US is a New York City-based American online presence of the British print newspaper The Guardian. It is only available online. It covers American and international news for online global audience. You can read articles about American music news here.

Music news is under the item “Culture”. There are other items like news, opinions, lifestyle and sport for you. Click “More” and you will get much more information about different fields. The site also offers you playlists, interviews and live reviews.


With these top 10 music news websites,

Now you will know how to keep up with new music better.

What do you think of the websites?

Which one did impress you?

If you have any nice website of music news, please share it with me!

Leave your comments if you have anything want to share.

I will give you a response soon.

Good bye!

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