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Best Music App for Android to Download Songs|AnyMusic Android

By Eva C Levy | Last updated: Oct 11, 2018


When it comes to music app for Android, Google Play Music may be the first choice of yours.

For Android’s strong flexibility that many music apps are available on its platform.

Of course, it seems that you can’t name out any music app for Android except Google Play Music.

However, things changed, the best one is always on the road and we got one.

Whatever you are a casual listener or have thousands of songs to download, here is the best choice you can have - best music app for Android.

Part 1. A Simple but Powerful Music App for Android

AnyMusic is music app for Android that allows you to discover, stream and download music from the Internet. It’s one of the best music apps for music buff to stream music and download high quality audio songs.

Discover Music from 1000+ Sites

How to stream all music from the Internet? AnyMusic enables you to discover and search music from many music sites and platforms like YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc. Supported sites full list >>

 AnyMusic Android

High Quality MP3 Songs Download

Good music quality makes the voice perfect, AnyMusic not only allows you to enjoy the music online, but download any music in MP3 you like. Multiple audio formats options available on AnyMusic like MP3, M4A, WebM, etc.

 AnyMusic Android

HD Music Video Fast Download

If you like to enjoy the music with the video, then you can choose to download music video in MP4 as well. HD music video makes the music more enjoyable and vivid. Download the music video then you can enjoy the music offline anywhere.

 AnyMusic Android

Search Music with the 2 Easy Ways

Like most music apps, you can search songs by entering keywords and links. With AnyMusic, you also can find any song you like by that way. Type the song name, artists, album or past the song link in the search bar.

  AnyMusic Android

Part 2. How to Download MP3 Songs on Android with AnyMusic

When you download and install AnyMusic successfully then you can start to use it easily. Below, we are showing you the easy guide with screenshots for helping you to stream and download music fast.

1. Open AnyMusic App on Your Android.

 Search music

2. Tap the search bar of the screen, and search any music you want by entering a song name, artists or album name, also, copy a song link from other sites and search on AnyMusic.

 Search result

3. Now, you can see a lot of searching results shown below then you can tap the video you want. How to make sure you find the right music? In most cases, the first one is your target music, or you can play the video (tap the “play” button) one by one until you got it.

Play music

4. Last, tap the “download” button then you can get the details about the download. Many audio and video formats options there, you can choose the best one according to your Android devices. If you are not clear which audio format you should download, maybe this can help you a little bit: for the latest Android devices like Galaxy or any other devices, you can download the highest quality audio. If your device is old then the 128k audio is enough.

  Download music

Tap the format and quality you need and wait sometime before the music completes the download. After that, you can check the downloaded song on Library.


Download finished then you can enjoy the music offline.

5. Discover more songs from the Internet. AnyMusic embedded 1000+ websites inside, you can discover and explore more music from the Internet, stream online and download mp3 songs directly on AnyMusic.


Part 3. How to Use AnyMusic Application on PC/Mac?

It’s easy to use AnyMusic on Android device, what if you want to use it on your computer? No problem, you also can install AnyMusic on your PC or Mac, AnyMusic desktop version also available on the market. You can install AnyMusic from many software download sites or download it directly on its official site.

For AnyMusic desktop version, it will have more stunning features when you use it. And it’s always safe to install it or download music on your computer.


Simple outside, powerful inside.

This easy-to-use music app for Android - AnyMusic will become the first choice in the future, bot only for its clean screen design, but also for its featured functions including search music, play music and download music.

Soon, the version of AnyMusic for Android will keep updating and release more powerful function for users to enjoy and download music better.

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