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The Best Free Video Converter for YouTube, Facebook Online

Last updated: 2018-05-02 | Eva C Levy
Free video converter
Free video converter

What will you do in your spare time?

Going outside or just staying at home and doing something you like?

If you choose the latter, I guess browsing videos online may be one of the things you’ll do.

And did you meet some trouble about how to download or convert videos?

If so, you’ll find the key to the door in this article!

What we’ll present to you is an efficient and convenient free video converter.

It is named Free Online Video Converter.

It supports videos downloaded from many different websites.

Absolutely, Free Online Video Converter will live up to your expectation!

Let’s get started right now to get more in detail!

Part 1 YouTube Videos Convert Online.

With the help of Free Online Video Converter, converting video to MP3 becomes easier.

The following steps may help a lot!

Step 1: Search for the Video You Want
Open YouTube.
Enter keywords about your favorites.
You’ll see the results in front of you after a while.

YouTube videos

social media banner guide

Step 2: Copy the Link to the Video
You have 2 ways:
1. Open the video. Copy directly from the address bar on the top of the page.
2. Right click the video, choose “Copy link address”.

YouTube music videos

Step 3: Paste the URL on Free Online Video Converter
Go to Free Online Video Converter.
The search bar is in the middle of the page, paste the copied link on it.
Click on the search iron.
Its speed won’t let you down!

Search YouTube video

Step 4: Play the Video
The search results may contain a lot of videos.
To avoid wasting your priceless time, play videos online to make sure you’re converting the right one.

Play YouTube music

Step 5: Select Out One Format and Download
After you click on the “Download”, kinds of formats may pop up.
It’s time for you to pick up one format you need to convert to.
And you can get the downloaded file immediately.

Convert YouTube video to MP3

Also, Free Online Video Converter provides download for YouTube playlist.
Try it if you’re annoyed about converting YouTube to MP3.
Share your opinions below with us!

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Part 2 How to Convert Facebook Videos to MP3?

Facebook is a popular platform where people express feelings, share their life and make friends. In fact, it’s a wonderful tool we can use to watch videos online.

Apart from downloading Facebook videos online, sometimes you need to convert Facebook videos to any format you demand, Free Online Video Converter is your best choice.

Let me show you how to make it!

Step 1: Look for Your Favorite Video
Search for videos by entering keywords on the search bar.
Select video area and pick out one you are fond of.

Facebook videos

Step 2: Copy the Facebook Video Link
As the same as YouTube, you can also copy the video link with 2 methods.
One is to right click the video and choose “Copy link address”.
The other one is to copy from the address bar on the top.

Copy Facebook video link

Step 3: Paste the URL on Free Video Online Converter
Open Free Online Video Converter.
Paste the link on the search bar.

Facebook video

Step 4: Choose One Format Needed and Download
Make a choice about which format you want to convert to.
Download now!

Converter Facebook video to MP3

It’s easy, right?

Free Online Video Converter makes it!

Part 3 The Best Dailymotion Videos Converter

No suitable free Dailymotion video converter online?

Perhaps Free Online Video Converter can meet your needs.

The operating steps are not complex so that everyone can get them with ease.

Step 1: Find the Target Video
Go to Dailymotion.
Search what you’re interested.
Select out one video you desire to convert.


Step 2: Copy the Video Link
1.Copy directly from the address bar.
2.Right click on the video and then choose “Copy link address”.

Copy Dailymotion videos

Step 3: Paste the URL and Search for
Open Free Online Video Converter.
Paste the URL on the address bar and click on the search iron on the right.


Step 4: Download by Choosing Audio Formats.
Play the video online and click on “download” if you’re sure it’s the exact one.
Choose one format from various options.
Wait for a while, the aimed video will be converted.


If you have the need of downloading Dailymotion video, you can check the article – How to download Dailymotion videos online for free?

The above is all the steps about using Free Online Video Converter to finish free video convert. Free Online Video Converter supplies free service, you don’t need to pay for it.

Without annoying ads or plug-ins, you can get a better experience! Abundant video resources, different types of formats and simple operations make it stand out among so many sites.


What do you think of Free Online Video Converter after reading this article?

Is it an indispensable free video converter in your mind?

If you still have something confused, tell us below!

We’ll do our utmost to help you settle down the problem!

Or leave comments about anything you want to share with us.

Hope you’ll enjoy our recommendation!

See you in the next article!

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