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How to Download Christmas Songs from YouTube

Last updated: 2017-11-23 | Eva C Levy
Christmas songs YouTube

“Jingle bell,

Jingle bell,

Jingle on the way”

When you hear the melody again on the street, that means Christmas is coming!

We are immersed in a festival atmosphere with the Christmas songs each year.

This season, which Christmas songs will be added to your playlist?

I am sure many of you spend time searching Christmas music on YouTube.

So today I’m gonna teach you how to download Christmas songs from YouTube.

And I have a bonus for you in the article……

Just follow me!

Part 1. How to Download Christmas Songs from YouTube

When you get a Christmas song on YouTube, there is no download button for you to download it to MP3, So what can you do?

Let’s break it down step by step!

Step 1. Search Your Fancy YouTube Christmas Songs

Sure! It’s simple for you to do that. So I just take the Christmas song All I Want For Christmas Is You as an example, then I got it soon.

Search Christmas song on YouTube

If you don’t know which song you want, you can just type the keyword like “Christmas songs” then you will many choices.

Step 2. Copy the Link of Christmas Song

Why you need to do this step? Because we know that you are not allowed to download YouTube video or songs on the site, we can make it by a smart way.

We copy its URL into the free music download site, and then we can download it easily!

So, how to copy the link on YouTube?

You can copy the URL from the search bar, or right-click on the video and copy the video link.

Copy YouTube URL

OK, now you have finished the second step.

Step 3. Download YouTube Christmas Songs via Free MP3 Finder

Now, before we move to next step, you need to enter this site first – Free MP3 Finder.

Free MP3 Finder

Next, paste the URL into the search box, and you will get the music you want on YouTube.

Free MP3 Finder search video link

See? That’s the Christmas music we search on YouTube.

What’s next?

1. Play This Christmas Song Online

If you are not sure you find the right song, just hit the play button then you will get the answer.

Play the Christmas music

Yes! It turns out we got the right music!

1. Choose the Formats According to Your Needs

When you click the download button, you will see two columns: Video and Audio.

Choose formats on Free MP3 Finder

As you can see, you can download YouTube video and audio online with Free MP3 Finder. It has multiple formats for video (WEBM, 3GP, MP4) and audio (MP3, WEBM, M4A).

Moreover, you can download the music video without sound.

Now, it is time to make your choice! Go and download your fancy Christmas songs now!

Part 2. As for the Bonus…

Till now, I have to remind you of that the bonus I mentioned at the beginning.

So, what’s that?

Actually, sometimes we need many Christmas songs at one-time, maybe you want to download Christmas playlist then play them on your Christmas party.

Any solution?

Of course!

Here is a powerful music downloader – AnyMusic.

It can meet all your needs about music.

AnyMusic interface

How to use it?

Super easy! After you install the desktop app on your computer, please follow these steps.

First, find a Christmas playlist on YouTube and copy its URL.

Then put the URL into the search bar of AnyMusic.


See? You can download all songs from the playlist at one-click.

You can choose a playlist contains 50 songs, 100 songs, 300 songs, and even more.

Pretty cool and amazing! It is a bonus indeed, right?

I think you need to try it by yourself, you will get the biggest benefits from it!

Your Turn…

My dear friend,

Music makes the world better, and Christmas songs make the holiday more meaningful.

I believe your Christmas celebrations will be more wonderful than last year.

No matter how many Christmas songs you want, you can get all of them as well.

Christmas is on the way, and we are ready for that!

If you have any questions while downloading Christmas songs from YouTube, feel free to leave a comment below!

Wish you Merry Christmas!

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