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21 Savage Songs – Top 10 Hottest Songs on YouTube

Last updated: 2017-11-06 | Eva C Levy
21 Savage Songs

21 Savage, a freshman rapper star.

He just released his new debut Album, ISSA.

And it indeed has sparked the fans attention.

As a new and hot rapper star;

We are expecting many things from him and his music.

Can’t wait to listen to it, huh?

All right! Let’s get down to the business.

Today, we’re gonna appreciate Top 10 21 Savage songs on YouTube one by one.

Believe me! They will not let you down.

1. Bank Account

“I buy a new car for the bitch (for real)
I tear down the mall with the bitch (for real)
You can’t even talk to the bitch (no)
She fucking with bosses and shit (oh God)”

21 Savage songs “Bank Account”, a lead single in ISSA, has climbed to the top 20 on Billboard hot 100 Chart. As can be seen in its grandiose lyrics, he raps a lot about his wealth among other stuff through a dark beat.

Speaking of the video, I have to say, it is amazing and fascinating. You know, some video viewers say that the singe makes them excited and zeal. In this regard, you can imagine how powerful the song is. Therefore, why not enjoy it together?

2. X

“I’m just stuntin’ on my ex-bitch
I’m just flexin’ on my ex-bitch
Hold up, I’m just stuntin’ on my ex-bitch
Hold up, I’m just flexin’ on my ex-bitch”

The single X was produced by 21 Savage and his intimate fellow, Future. Such collaboration must draw your attention to some degree, right? Additionally, you are more likely to be curious about the song name a little bit when you see it at the first sight.

You know what? The lyrics begin with number 10, and “X” is the Roman number for 10. What a genius singer 21 Savage is! Do not miss this song.

3. No Heart

“Why these niggas cappin’ so hard?
Why you got a twelve car garage?
Why you pullin’ all these rappers cards?
Cause these niggas pussy and I’m hard”

In this single, 21 Savage answers a variety of questions as to how he tackles his wealth, lifestyle, and involvement in the rap game.

To be honest, 21 Savage songs “No heart” takes the first place of 21 Savage’s top 10 list in my heart. There are several reasons here, its catchy melody and touching rhythm in particular. It serves as a tool to ease my mind when I am depressed.

4. Whole Lot

“Nigga made a whole lotta guala
Now I got a whole lotta problems (yeah)
Main bitch fuckin’ my partner (main bitch)
Nigga, we ain’t trippin’, we ballin’ (fool)”

Well, “Whole Lot” features the culmination of 21 Savage’s career at this special moment. He is obtaining the money he earns.

Actually, you will probably be intoxicated by its hypnotic voice and make it single circle. Just as what I am doing right now.

5. Red Opps

“I just bought a pistol it got 30 rounds in it
Pull up at yo momma house and put some rounds in it
Wet a nigga block and watch them niggas drown in it
Hunnid round drum gun a nigga down with it”

When you listen to the single, Red Opps”, the thing that you are likely to do is to move your body with the perfect rhyme. The lyrics “Murder Gang shit” touches my ear which I have been relaying over and over.

6. Numb

“Grind hard, nigga, grind hard, I done grind hard
Late nights playin’ b-ball with a decoy
I was on the corner with the robbers and the D-boys
Now I’m on the charts, man, this shit is unbelievable”

“Numb” tell us where 21 came from, and the obstacles in his life and how he can ignore these problems in that he is rich currently.

Sometimes life is tough, but we can still find other ways to mitigate the pain. This song shows us that sometimes we had better be a “numb” so that we barely feel the sadness.

7. All The Smoke

“I listened to your mixtape, that shit was wack (shit was wack)
Studio time, you need to get your money back (On God)
Back in the day I let my uncle cook my crack (cook my crack)
Back in the day I would have took that nigga’s pack (took the pack)”

The music video for All The Smoke was issued on June 1, 2017.

Actually, I have to say that listening to this song makes me wanna look up and down when crossing the street. If you are partial towards the mysterious spot occurring in the video, then you must have a try.

8. Bad Business

“Hellcat speed racin’ (speed racin’)
Suck it ’til your knees achin’ (knees achin’)
Bitch I ain’t got no patience (no patience)
I’m finna take a vacation (a vacation)”

Bad Business includes a series of numbers, which enable you to do the math. Just kidding!

In terms of the lyrics, the first thing occurs to your mind should be funny, like telling a story. Let’s put on the earphones and enjoy it together.

9. Famous

“Rags to riches, nigga came from the bottom
Hood rats, now a nigga fuckin’ on models
Ridin’ in the foreign, remember ridin’ on MARTA
Grind got harder and my mind got smarter”

Well, some dude believed that Famous” gonna hit 100K likes on the YouTube, but apparently it did not blow up the internet. But it does not degrade this song off this 21 Savage’s top 10 list.

Just be careful when you listen to this music, and don’t mix this song with reality as you may want to rob a bank with a water gun after you hear this.

10. Thug Life

“Sunday, family coming over
Move the crack behind the toaster
Carry pistols with no holsters
Trying not to be a poster
You was listening to your coaches”

“Thug Life” is a song dedicated to the hall of fame legend 2Pac. 2Pac is considered as the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) in the hip-hop world. Pac was a man from hell with a permanent tattoo on his stomach that read “Thug Life”.

When listing to Thug Life You will be totally attracted by his cool sound and its perfect tune.


All right!

That’s all for today’s sharing!

Hope all you guys can enjoy these songs with us.

If any one of the 21 Savage songs is capable of touching you a little bit, then you can get it via the free download links.

By the way, please feel free to share your feelings with us after listening to the song list.

Many thanks for your reading.

Have a nice day!

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