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Step-by-Step Guide | Convert YouTube to MP3 Longer than 2 Hours

By Dale Moore | Last updated: May 15, 2019

How do I download a 2-hour song from YouTube?

A YouTube converter comes in handy for you to convert YouTube to MP3 longer than 2 hours. The thing is that there are various online services and YouTube downloader apps for desktop and mobile device.

It’s a tough job to choose the right one, especially if you are new to YouTube downloaders. The right one turns the download a pleasure, but the wrong one leads you nowhere.

Fear not, though. AnyUTube is an easy-to-use but powerful YouTube to MP3 converter that allows you to convert long YouTube video to MP3.

Install the desktop app to your computer, either Windows or Mac. Follow the instructions below.

Searching for the mix comes first. Paste the link of the long YouTube video to the search box of the tool.

paste the link of a YouTube mix

You can also search by keywords. For example, enter “music mix” in the search box, and you will get a list of music mixes of different lengths.

search for the music mix

Since you want a mix longer than 2 hours, you can put it straight by filtering the results. Simply click on the Filter icon to sort out the tracks longer than 20 minutes. Click on the icon again to hide.

sort out search results

Following the search is the download. Click on the MP3 button to start the download. As you can see, there is also an MP4 button. The process is similar. Click on the button to download YouTube videos longer than 1 hour, 2 hours, and more.

download music mix longer than 2 hours

There you have it, with only two steps. Check the downloaded mix in the Library – Music. The Library is the interface where you can manage the downloaded files. You can edit the name of the file, add it to the playlist, remove it from the Library and change the save folder.

play downloaded mix

You may have noticed the buttons at the bottom. AnyUTube is the MP3 player itself. Play the mix with a click. The buttons of Play/Pause, Previous/Next, Mode, Playlist, and Volume work the same as they do on any media player.

check the playlist on AnyUTube

The professional YouTube MP3 downloader does not stop here. It’s worth trying out for more features. Just to name a few as below:

1. Preview

Before downloading, you can check whether the track is what you need as described in its title. Click on the Play/Pause button to enable preview or disable preview.

preview a track

2. Convert

You may want to convert the downloaded mix or a mix in a local folder to other formats, or want to trim an audio file. Then you need the Convert section.

Add a file and click on the Convert button. Select a format among the MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and WebM options. Set the quality, which ranges from 64k to 320k. Extract the part you need by setting the duration. You will find the trimmed audio in the Library – Music.

 trim an audio file

I am not going to run you through all of its features. Exploring AnyUTube is fun you shouldn’t miss. With AnyUTube, it’s easy to convert YouTube to MP3 longer than 1 hour, 2 hours, and even unlimited length.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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