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AnyUTube YouTube music player
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An Ultimate YouTube Music Player You Can Use Offline and Online

By Dale Moore | Last updated: May 08, 2019

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site and the biggest jukebox. That explains why the derived demands are brisk. Some need a YouTube downloader, while some need a YouTube music player.

How about a one-stop tool that is a YouTube downloader and YouTube music player? How about a YouTube music player that you can use either offline or online?

AnyUTube is such a comprehensive YouTube tool that is a YouTube music desktop player and YouTube music web player.

Excited? Meet the features before you delve in.

  • Built-in music player
  • Built-in music.youtube.com
  • YouTube playlist download
  • Batch download 600+ songs

Install AnyUTube to your Win/Mac computer. Read on for the instructions below, you will find how the features are demonstrated.

Part 1 AnyUTube as a YouTube Downloader

Firstly, search for a YouTube song with keyword or URL. The keyword can be anything about YouTube music, such as the singer, title and lyrics.

For example, enter “Adele” and tap the search icon, Adele’s songs will be listed in the results.

search for Adele songs on YouTube

Similarly, if you paste the link of a YouTube song or playlist, it will show up there. Take a playlist for example:

 search for Adele playlist

You can also preview the music video. Simply click on the Play button of the song you want.

Secondly, click on the MP3 button to download the song. M4A and WebM formats and other MP3 quality options can be found in the More menu.

 search for Adele’s songs

An impressive feature of the tool is that you can download a complete YouTube playlist in one go. Tick All and click the MP3 button at the bottom. The tracks will queue up in the Downloading section of the Library.

 download Adele playlist

Part 2 AnyUTube as a YouTube Music Player

After all downloads are finished, check the songs in the Library – Music. Take AnyUTube as the YouTube offline music player. Move the cursor to the song you want to play. It will be highlighted with a grey background. You can play the song, rename the song, add it to the playlist, and remove it.

Once you click the Play button, the song will show up in the taskbar, where you can see the Play/Pause button and progress bar, choose to play the previous or next song, adjust volume, choose a mode to play, and manage playlist. To be specific about the play modes, there are options – Shuffle, Order, and Repeat.

manage downloaded songs

You can also delete a song in the playlist. When the cursor moves to the song, the cross sign will show up. Tap on the cross sign to delete the song.

 delete a song in the playlist

This is why AnyUTube is the YouTube music desktop player. Read on for why it is also the YouTube music web player.

Click on the Discover, you will see the three sections – YouTube Video, YouTube Music and YouTube Game. They are the built-in website for youtube.com, music.youtube.com, and youtube.com/gaming respectively.

 Discover section

That means you don’t need to visit the YouTube homepage or the music channel on a browser. You can enjoy any YouTube music on AnyUTube, the same as what you do on YouTube.

Click the middle one – YouTube Music. You can search for a playlist or song in the search bar.

 YouTube Music

You’ve found the song, say, Me! by Taylor Swift on the Hotlist.

 Me! Taylor Swift

Click the Play icon to watch the music show. Move the cursor to the playing video, and you will be able to switch between the mini player and full screen.

YouTube hotlist

Alternatively, click the thumbnail at the bottom to watch the video on the full screen or mini player. The mini player does not bother you when you are exploring channels. In this way, it is a YouTube background music player, the free music player for YouTube.


Have you noticed the Download button at the right bottom? Absolutely right! You can download the song.

 Download Me!

Click the Download button, and accept the request by clicking “Yes, download it”. You will be directed to the Download section as mentioned in Part 1. All the tracks in that hotlist will appear in the results. You can either download the tracks you need or download all the tracks.

 Download hotlist

In conclusion, AnyUTube is a YouTube music player that enables you to enjoy YouTube music offline or online.

It’s time for you to explore the tool for the features by yourself. Take a shot.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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