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Download YouTube Subtitles with AnyUTube
  • Only 2 steps required
  • Download subtitles only
  • Multilingual options for subtitles
  • Download YouTube videos with subtitles

How to Download YouTube Subtitles (2 Steps)

By Dale Moore | Last updated: Apr 26, 2019

No matter who you are – a native speaker or second language learner, subtitles are helpful to keep you clear about every word of the dialogues, even if the accent is heavy.

Moreover, subtitles make people more engaged in the video and improve their comprehension of the video. A video is effective and visualized, but it would be imperfect without captions.

So, you should download YouTube videos with subtitles contained. Here’s a solution for you to download YouTube subtitlesAnyUTube.

First of all, install AnyUTube on your computer (Win/Mac). Then, follow the two-step instructions on how to download subtitles from YouTube below.

Step 1 Visit the YouTube homepage.

Find the video from which you want to download the subtitles. For example, enter “What do you mean” in the search bar. Select any of the videos and copy the link.

Step 2 Paste the link to AnyUTube search bar. Click the search icon, the video will appear in seconds.

Justin Bieber What do you mean

Click “More”. Tick “Subtitles”, the default language is English. It’s a multilingual option. What’s hidden in the drop-down menu is a long list of languages for you to choose a language from. Then, choose a quality option for the video, and the download will start.

You can download the YouTube video with subtitles, or download the subtitles only, without the video. The downloaded subtitles are in VTT format.

Download YouTube subtitles

URL is not the only way to search for a YouTube video. Alternatively, you can also search with a keyword using AnyUTube.

Enter the keyword related to the video to the search bar of AnyUTube. For example, type “Friends” in the search box and click the search icon, videos and clips about the sitcom will be shown in the search results.

 search with keyword

To download a track with subtitles, the operations are the same as the steps mentioned above.

Where can you find the downloaded subtitles? Check them in Library-Subtitles.

  YouTube subtitles

If you download the YouTube video with subtitles, go to Library-Video.

  YouTube video with subtitles

Find the video, click the “Play” button of the video. You will be redirected to the default third-party video player. Enjoy the video with subtitles.

Now you’ve got how to download YouTube videos with subtitles. Wondering if you can install the tool on your smartphone?

AnyUTube is also compatible with the Android system. If you use a smartphone and tablet more frequently to watch YouTube videos, AnyUTube is a must.

With AnyUTube, you can download YouTube subtitles and watch the videos wherever you go. Different from the Win/Mac version, the Android version has an inbuilt full-screen video player, so you don’t need a third-party media player.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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