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Convert YouTube Video to MP3 with AnyUTube
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The Only Guide You Need to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

By Dale Moore | Last updated: May 06, 2019

Thousands of music videos are posted on YouTube every year, and many people take YouTube as the best way to enjoy music.

It’s no wonder there are so many queries on how to convert YouTube video to MP3.

AnyUTube is such an amazing tool to convert any YouTube video to MP3. A music video, movie, program, episode, news report, and anything you can imagine can be converted to MP3.

It’s hard to deny the benefits of MP3 files. Firstly, MP3 files require less storage space. That enables you to download a mass of MP3 files, without the need to free up memory regularly. Secondly, MP3 files are compatible with all kinds of media players. Thirdly, downloading an MP3 file is so fast that it usually takes one or two minutes, and oftentimes, seconds.

Sounds cool? Take a look at what you can do with AnyUTube Converter.

  • Convert YouTube video to 320k MP3
  • Convert 600+ videos to MP3 in batch
  • Convert a full YouTube playlist
  • Blazing fast conversion speed

In the next section, I'll show you how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on a computer.

To experience the personal operations, you should install AnyUTube YouTube video to MP3 converter free, either Windows or Mac.

Step 1 Find a YouTube video

You know well which song you want to download. Just copy the URL of the YouTube song, and paste it to the search box. The video will show up beneath the search box.

 I did something bad

You can even search for a playlist or channel. Copy the URL of the playlist or channel to the search box, all tracks contained in the playlist or channel will be shown there.

 Taylor Swift playlist

Besides, the keyword is also supported to search for YouTube videos. The keyword can be the title, singer, lyrics, and even news topic. Take the lyrics for example:

  I did something bad lyrics

Step 2 Convert the YouTube video to MP3

Click on the MP3 button of the video, you will get the MP3 file in a minute. M4A and WebM audio formats are available in the More menu. Get the one you need.

   I did something bad MP3

As is mentioned in the playlist search, AnyUTube enables you to convert a complete playlist to MP3, which is the highlight of the tool. More than 600 videos can be converted at one shot.

Select “All”, and you will see the number of all tracks. Once you click on the MP3 icon at the bottom, the download starts. That means you will get the MP3 files of the high quality. Expand the up arrow icon to personalize the MP3 quality – Medium or Low if needed.

batch download

If you want to download several tracks of the playlist, remove the ticks of the videos you don’t need. The other operations are the same.

Wait for minutes before all downloads complete. Check the downloaded songs in the Library-Music, where the downloaded files can be managed, such as playing the song, adding it to playlist and deleting it.

Find the local save path of the MP3 files in the Open Saved Directory. Copy or move the songs to anywhere else.

downloaded MP3 files

AnyUTube is a tool that makes it easy to convert YouTube video to MP3. It’s easy to download the songs of your favorite artist. You can import the music to a mobile device, such as the smartphone and tablet, and make a song as the ringtone or background music.

If you prefer to enjoy the audio dialogues, convert any YouTube movie or program to MP3, and relax your mind with your eyes closed.

If you are addicted to your smartphone for music, you’ve got the right app. AnyUTube is also compatible with Android.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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