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Best Experience Ever with This YouTube Video Downloader for Android

By Dale Moore | Last updated: May 14, 2019

YouTube, undoubtedly, has been part of people’s life necessity nowadays. Meanwhile, an offline mode is also required considering situations where Wi-Fi or data connection is not available. In this regard, an app to download YouTube videos in phones is an imperative demand.

As a zealous fan of YouTube, I have been seeking for various YouTube video downloaders for Android.

I was bothered by the problems until I found this one: AnyUTube YouTube downloader app. My leisure time was lighted up thanks to this app, and I feel it an obligation to share my thoughts and recommend this YouTube video downloader app for your Android phone.

download AnyUTube YouTube video downloader for Android

A brief introduction to AnyUTube

It is a YouTube assistant to help people download YouTube video directly on their phones with Android system. There is a series of functions of this app which perfectly meet people’s need for downloading YouTube videos on their Android phones.

Download HD YouTube Videos

AnyUTube allows people to download any YouTube video so they can enjoy the video anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection.

Download YouTube Music in MP3 and more formats

It is possible to download YouTube music in MP3, and even formats like MP3, M4A, WebM.

Discover More videos from YouTube Channels

Besides downloading certain YouTube videos, you can also use AnyUTube to download a list of YouTube channels by different categories.

Benefits of using AnyUTube

Since I have tried myriad Android YouTube video downloader app similar to AnyUTube, I do appreciate the advantages of this app. Compared with other competing tools, it stands out in the following ways.

Two ways to search for YouTube video

Unlike many other similar products, AnyUTube supports both link search and the keyword search of your favorite videos.

Download videos to 1080p MP4

Before you download a certain video, you can choose the quality you want. And even an HD version (1080p) is available as you like.

Batch download YouTube playlist

Apart from downloading a single video, you can also batch download multiple videos at once. It is acceptable if you download a channel or a playlist.

Choose various formats to download

Don’t bother to doubt whether there is one format that suits you well. In fact, this app grants people many format options, including MP3, M4A, and WebM. Find the one you want.

Download in high speed

You will enjoy 3X faster downloading speed in this app.

File management with “Library”

AnyUtube allows people to keep their downloaded files in its Library, and people can even rename the files and even change the saved directory.

Q&A from users

For those who are new to AnyUTube app, I understand you may raise some doubts as follows about this brand-new product. Those doubts also haunted me when I used it for the first time.

Is AnyUTube app safe to use or not?

When I am using this app, the top fear is whether I can browse this safely. After a long period of use, I can guarantee you that it is pretty safe to use. AnyUTube is 100% safe, no virus, and no malware. However, if you get alert from the browser, just skip it. I have ever encountered this situation so I would like to mention it just in case. Like what it said on its web.

Safety guarantee

Is it easy to use this app?

For this question, I would like to give you an affirmative answer: Yes, it is easy to download YouTube videos with AnyUTube! It only takes 2 steps.

Step1: Search for the YouTube video you want to download

In the first step, you need to search the keywords or paste the video link directly. For instance: I want to download one of my favorite music videos “lucky you”. I just need to enter “lucky you” in the search box and click on the search button then.

How to search for YouTube videos on AnyUTube

Enter the keywords “lucky you”, and the results show up like this.

For instance: I want to check the video, I can tap the Play button which is in the middle of the video cover.

preview YouTube videos

Before downloading videos, previewing videos first is allowed. Control the “Play” button to play videos.

Step2: Choose a format and download instantly

When you decide to download, you should choose the format you want first and download it.

For instance: I want to download this video in MP3, I can hit the MP3 icon and the video will get ready to the Library automatically.

Download video from YouTube

Click on the MP3 icon, and the video is downloaded automatically.

Is the pro version worth a try?

With the pro version, you will have unlimited downloads, HD MP3 and MP4 downloads, 3X faster download speed and batch download.

The bonus of the pro version

The picture shows the different features of the free trial version and pro version.

Moreover, as for me, I think the price is moderate if you want to purchase the pro license. The price varies with different subscriptions.

purchase options

Three purchase options are provided. Users can choose to subscribe to the monthly, annual, or lifetime plan.

Some other bonus:

Get a license for all devices

The coupon for all devices


Students get an extra 50% off all plans. This is also available to faculty, staff, and teachers of all grade levels.

Education pricing

Are there reliable support and customer service?

For many people, they may have this concern, since nobody can ensure users to master and utilize any app smoothly all the time. So when they encounter problems, it is better to turn to customer service.

For AnyUTube, I appreciate its service quality. I can always get my questions answered immediately.

If you want to ask questions, go to the “Me” interface, and send messages there. Then you will find the dialogue icon on a blue background on the right bottom corner.

Ask for customer service

Go for the “Me” interface, and the big blue icon will show up and hit that icon to ask questions.

Click on the icon, and you’ll go to the following interface. Enter your question in the message bar and you’ll get a reply soon.

Conversation interface

Here is the conversation between me and the customer service staff.


I do consider AnyUTube as the perfect YouTube video downloader for Android to facilitate my leisure time. With this app, I can download and watch video from YouTube anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, I think it is wise to purchase a pro license in order to get unlimited access to more functions. I profoundly recommend you guys take a free trial and share your thoughts with me in the comments.

Dale Moore is a senior blogger who has a passion for exploring and sharing anything about YouTube over a decade. He is keen on helping users to discover the best YouTube videos and channels.

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